On a daily basis, a family office has contact with the various parties that form part of the financial world of the family: asset managers, banks, fund managers, bookkeepers, accountants, tax consultants, estate managers, civil-law notaries, lawyers and brokers, both at home and abroad. F&F manages the flow of information from all those parties and reports any details to the family.

Furthermore, we help the family make the necessary choices. The family then reaches its decision and F&F ensures that those decisions are carried out by the relevant specialists. In addition, we also ensure that the specialists receive the necessary information on time in order to carry out their work effectively.

In this way, F&F takes care of matters so that the various parties that play a role in the family’s financial affairs are able to carry out their work in a much more professional manner.

Excellent communication between the family and F&F is of the essence. F&F offers access to her private cloud where the family can safely look into their confidential information and communicate discretely with family members and the family office.

In short, F&F relieves your concerns and guarantees continuity.